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About Jason

I am the founder and director of Barefoot Running University.  I live and work in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  I am married to Shelly Robillard and we have three wonderful (most of the time) children.  Here are a few more details:

Barefoot running experience:

  • Recreational barefoot runner since 1992

  • Began serious barefoot running in 2005

  • Have run races at the 5k, 10k, 15k, half-marathon, 25k, marathon, 50 mile, and 100 mile distances

  • Training that peaks around 100 miles per week

Teaching and coaching experience:

  • Certified professional educator since 1999 (psychology)

  • Experience coaching runners, football, wrestling, and bowling


  • Co-founder of the Barefoot Runners Society

  • Founder of the Michigan Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society

  • Member of the Society for Barefoot Living


  • B.S.- Secondary education, psychology, history- Northern Michigan University (1999)

  • M.A. - Educational technology- Grand Valley State University (2006)

Personal Records (as of 12/2009)

  • 100 mile: 29:05:26 (Hallucination 100, 2009)

  • 50 mile: 10:20:18 (North Country Trail Run, 2007)

  • Road marathon: 3:55:20 (Grand Rapids Marathon, 2005)

  • Trail Marathon: 4:39:55 (Fallsburg Marathon, 2009)

  • 25k: 1:53:37 (Fifth Third Riverbank Run, 2008)

  • Half Marathon: 2:51:54 (Grand Rapids Half Marathon, 2006)

  • 15k: 1:03:50 (Muskegon Chronicle Seaway Run, 2008)

  • 10k: 42:21 (Coast Guard Festival 10k, 2009)

  • 5k: 19:47 (Homerun 5k, 2007)

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